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Supplied with 6 interchangeable metal templates to rout apertures for lever sash, dead and mortice latches. Unique and patented magnetic self-centering and clamping system exclusive to this jig, to guarantee accuracy. Quick fit interchangeable metal plates. Suits most sizes of standard locks (accommodates all 3 common sizes). Easily moves from door-to-door for optimum efficiency. Designed to accommodate doors from 30mm-60mm thick. Templates for faceplates and lockbodies are also included.

All of our first quality worktop jigs are brand new, top quality jigs at unparalleled prices. Constructed from 13mm solid compact laminate, a resin material that is arguably the strongest and most suitable material on the market for worktop templates. SOLID COMPACT LAMINATE WILL NEVER WARP!


Cutter Diameter Required


Cutter Length Required


Guide Bush Diameter Required



Solid Compact Laminate (Resin)

Minimum Router Power




Don't forget your worktop jig accessories!

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Worktop Bolts

Worktop Bolts

Worktop Connector Bolts used for joining worktops with dogbone jigs. Butterfly clamps / worktop clamps, use 3 per join to join work tops. UK's BEST Worktop Jig Accessories at The Chippy Shop, delivered next day at lower than trade prices.

10 Bolts - £5.00

50 Bolts - £17.50

100 Bolts - £35.00

200 Bolts - £65.00

500 Bolts - £150.00

1000 Bolts - £275.00



Worktop Sealant used to mask joins and prevent moisture from growing. Excellent quality 100ml workt top sealant for mitre cuts available in different colours including light wood, clear, black and white. UK's BEST Worktop Jig Accessories at The Chippy Shop, delivered next day at lower than trade prices.





Light Wood

TCT Router Cutter

TCT Router Cutter

TCT Router Cutters, top quality used for cutting worktops and woodworking applications. Twin flute and tungsten carbide tipped, guarantee a perfect router cut every time. UK's BEST Worktop Jig Accessories at The Chippy Shop, delivered next day at lower than trade prices.


50.8mm Straight

63.5mm Straight


The Chippy Shop Solid Laminate Worktop Jigs

The Chippy Shop stock Solid Laminate Worktop Jigs and Worktop Jig Accessories for site and industrial use. All of The Chippy Shop Worktop Jigs and accessory products are UK Made, constructed to the highest standards and are all designed by one of the UKs biggest manufacturers... The Chippy Shop sell a wide range of Worktop Jigs and offer special deals for bulk purchases of most products. For professional and site use, see our FIRST QUALITY Worktop Jig Range. If you are doing your own kitchen, try our Budget Worktop Jig range for great value. We offer an extensive and ever expanding range of Worktop Jigs, including Hinge Jigs, Lock Jigs, Master Stair Jigs, Worktop Aperture Jigs and many more! All of our Worktop Jigs are priced with VAT included, and 99% of our items are in stock ready for immediate UK Next Day Delivery. As well as our Worktop Jigs, The Chippy Shop also offer an extensive range of specialist Brackets and Screws to provide a one-stop-shop for any professional Chippy.

UK Worktop Jig and UK Worktop Jig Template.

The Chippy Shop support the manufacture of UK made Worktop Jigs. All of our Worktop Jigs are manufactured in the UK and we do not import any cheap Worktop Jig copies. Our FIRST QUALITY range is constructed specifically for professional use and has a unique closed-bolthole system for extra stability, which is useful when cutting those expensive worktops! All worktop jigs in this range are constructed from 13mm Solid Laminate, the best material for any professional Worktop Jig. Our range of worktop jigs and worktop templates is always expanding, so keep checking back to our site for new and fancy worktop jigs to help make your life easier!