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Worktop Jigs - How to Choose the Right Worktop Jigs for your needs

The principle function of worktop jigs is to help to stabilise materials for the process of routing. Worktop jigs are fast becoming a mainstay in the toolboxes of DIY experts all across the UK as their benefits simply cannot be ignored. Worktop jigs are perfect for when you need to even up holes or locate areas for routing and many household jobs can benefit from the use of a worktop jig. However, choosing which worktop jigs are applicable to your needs is important to ensure that you purchase apparatus that is suitable for your DIY requirements. When it comes to ensuring that you get your finish right and for jobs like hanging pictures straight, worktop jigs really are an essential piece of kit. To understand what type of jig is required it is best to speak to expert providers of worktop and router jigs but there are a few basic hints and tips that can be followed if it is only rudimentary DIY jobs that you are carrying out.

Worktop Jigs - Cutting down on waste

For anyone who does a lot of drilling, sawing etc, it is an inevitable consequence of errors that there will be plenty of waste in terms of having to start over. Many DIY experts, however, argue that they have substantially reduced the amount of materials that they waste by utilising worktop jigs. Just some of the most commonly utilised worktop jigs used for DIY projects include:

* Router Jigs - Generally speaking, router jigs are used to keep pieces of wood straight whilst they are being moved along the saw. This is obviously very handy when it comes to cutting wood to the dimensions that you require and most DIY experts will have router jigs in the equipment bag.

* Hinge Jigs - These worktop jigs are primarily used when crafting doors and are an invaluable piece of kit when it comes to routing accuracy. Amongst the principle benefits of hinge jigs is the fact that they will prevent any damage being transmitted to the door frame during alterations.

Looking for Worktop Jigs? Speak to The Chippy Shop

For any keen DIY individual or tradesman it is crucial to have the right types of power tools and equipment like worktop jigs and here at The Chippy Shop we have a superb selection of oak worktops, router jigs and power tools. To find out more about our fantastic range of cordless drills and accessories just give us a call on 08454 630 172 or fill in our online enquiry form.

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