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Caramel Bamboo 3M 960 40mm Worktop


  • Top Quality Solid Caramel Bamboo Worktops.
  • Fully sanded and ready to fit.
  • Supplied with four square edges.
  • Made from horizontal formed bamboo (8 layers of 5mm thick compressed bamboo).
  • 20mm Wide Staves (full length).
  • Full range of sizes available.
  • Supplied untreated so that you can finish them how you like!
  • All timber is from sustainable sources.
  • All prices include VAT and UK Delivery to Zone 1.
  • Delivery from 48 hours of purchase date.
  • A physically able person is required on the day of delivery to help the driver offload.
  • All of our Wooden Worktops are brand new, top quality, at unparalleled prices.
  • Constructed from solid timber throughout.

Occasionally tiny gaps can be seen within the cross-section of the wood after it has been cut to size; this is easily fixed by simply applying an appropriate filler. Such gaps are not a manufacturing fault but occur naturally due to the bamboo's layered construction.

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Caramel Bamboo Worktops
Caramel Bamboo 2M 620 40mm Worktop £190.00
Caramel Bamboo 4M 620 40mm Worktop £345.00
Caramel Bamboo 3M 960 40mm Worktop £375.00


Solid Wood Worktops

The Chippy Shop stock Solid Wooden Worktops of top quality. We sell a large range of sizes, both Oak Worktops and Beech Worktops available in 3M and 4M lengths perfect for every situation. All of our solid wood worktops are constructed to the highest quality, A grade items fully sanded and ready to fit. All of our wooden worktops are supplied with four square edges. Both our Oak and Beech Worktops are sourced sustainably so you can be sure that you are buying from a reputable retailer with strong sustainable beliefs. Oak Worktops are perfect for creating that timeless British kitchen, and our Beech Worktops are also very popular and offer excellent value for money.

UK Wooden Worktop Treatment and Maintenance.

The Chippy Shop wooden worktops will require treatment before installation. We do supply a full installation guide with every order, and we are currently compiling this information so that it will be available online for easy viewing. Any standard Danish Oil will be sufficient to treat an Oak Worktop or Beech Worktop before installation. Probably the best value for money range is Rustins Danish Oil, which will be added to our range shortly. All worktops will require at least 3 coats of oil to the top and bottom sides before fitting. This is essential to prolong the life of the worktop and prevent any future problems.